Carroll County Energy made a compassionate donation to fund a backup generator in full for a family in need.

IMG 6106Generator 3

In early April 2020, Carroll County Energy was approached by the Carroll County Caring Hands organization to help support a special project. A young Carroll County family faced extraordinary challenges after their twin boys were born prematurely in November. They were finally able to bring the boys home from the Akron Children’s Hospital this spring. Unfortunately, they lacked the required backup power for the medical monitoring equipment, leaving them unable to bring the boys home. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Carroll County Energy made a compassionate donation to the Caring Hands organization to fully fund a backup generator project for the family’s home. Once completed, on May 13, the twins finally arrived home with their delighted parents. Carroll County Energy is grateful for the opportunity to share our resources in helping our community, especially in times of need such as this.